Service Providers and Contractors need prior approval to provide services inside the community. To register as a new contractor or to renew your permit click here to download the registration form.

Given below is the approved list of service providers/contractors allowed inside the Community.

Download Contractor List

All companies entering the premises need to be registered or acquire prior approval from the Community Management Office

  • Appropriate uniform with clearly visible company name printed/stitched on it.
  • No entry for personnel who do not have a valid Emirates ID sponsored by the company.
  • Safety shoes are mandatory.
  • All contractor vehicles should have a company sticker clearly visible. The sticker should be minimum A3 size.
  • Water tankers and other heavy vehicles can enter the community between 8 am to 5 pm. For any deviation from these timings, special approval is needed from the Community Management Office.
  • Heavy vehicles (eg. water, gas, moving, garbage, etc) should not, at any time, drive/park on pavements as this damages the pavement.
  • Access for heavy or noise making machinery (eg. Jackhammers, drills, etc) creating disturbance to the community and the residents, can only be given from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm excluding public holidays.
  • Workers shall not loiter within the Common Areas or use common facilities of the community during break time.
  • Security shall check safety certificates of all heavy machinery (Cranes, high-up pick up, JCB etc.) before entering the community.
  • All gas delivery trucks should have two staff before entering the premises. There should always be a staff at the gas truck when parked. All safety measures should be in place i.e. Fire extinguishers, trolley to carry gas to buildings or villas and cylinders should be properly fastened on the truck prior to entering the premises. All gas delivery vehicles should be inside the community for a maximum period of 45 minutes ONLY to do the delivery and exit.
  • Any materials to be taken out of the community by contractors should have an acknowledgement of the owner or Al Hamra team. A list of items being taken out should be clearly identified.
  • Contractors and service providers can only enter and exit the premises from the service gate. Only gardeners with bicycles and working in phase-1 will be given an exception to enter and exit from gate-3 during working time but after taking security pass from the service gate.
  • All contractors/ deliveries MUST ABIDE by the village SPEED LIMIT of 25 km/h and other traffic rules applying to the Community. Violations will lead to automatic suspension of access permit for the company from entering the Community.
  • No materials are to be kept in the common areas without prior approval from the Community Management Office. No construction or garden waste should be kept outside the villas, in common areas or in building garbage rooms. Contractor shall be tasked with a responsibility of disposing all the accumulated waste during the period of work.
  • Movers shall not leave any waste materials, carton boxes, old furniture outside respective villas or buildings while moving in and out of residences.  Movers shall be tasked with a responsibility to remove all waste materials from the community. Violations will lead to banning the moving company. Before giving egress, security has to check and ensure no waste is left behind by the movers. Movers can access from 8 am to 5 pm including public holidays and weekends subject to adherence to move in and out procedures.
  • Any delivery staff/service providers/contractors are NOT ALLOWED to DISTRIBUTE FLYERS inside the village without permission from the Community Management Office. Violation will lead to denial of access and fines.
  • All food delivery staff should access the Al Hamra Village community through the service gate, Gate 3, Gate 4 and Gate 7. Entry will not be allowed through any other gates.
  • When working indoors masks are mandatory due to COVID-19.

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