The Community Management Fee is collected from all unit owners to cover the cost of the operation, management, maintenance and replacement of all assets and the provision of services in the Common Areas within the Community.

The community management fee includes the following:

1. General Fund: The General Fund consists of both Operating and Administrative Expenses that are used to maintain the community as detailed below:

    a) Operating Expenses – These include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Maintenance of common infrastructure & utility costs of street lighting.
    • Maintenance and utility costs of common and shared recreational areas e.g. pools, parks etc.
    • Maintenance of irrigation of common area landscaping & management of community lakes (where applicable).
    • Maintenance and management of swimming pools and water features, elevator (where applicable), firefighting equipment & management of signage & access control system.
    • Maintenance and management of building management systems -BMS & generator (where applicable).
    • Street and common area cleaning, waste collection and recycling, common area pest control & community security and control rooms.
    • Periodic upgrade and/or replacement of capital equipment and consumables.
    • Statutory inspections and compliance requirements.
    • Any other relevant expenses.

    b) Administrative Expenses – these include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Community events and awareness campaigns.
    • Statutory fees and permits.
    • Common area insurance.
    • Audit fees.
    • Communication charges (courier, printing, SMS, postage etc)
    • General administrative expenses.
    • Legal and professional fees.
    • Management fees.
    • Bank Charges