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What is the cost of a new parking remote?

The cost of a new parking remote is 657.50 DHS, the following applies to a Lost/Damaged parking remote. The parking remote is exclusively for Royal Breeze residents only.

What is the cost of a new access card?

The cost of a new access card is AED 315 each tax included.

What is the cost of replacement of an access card?

The replacement of an access card will cost 315 DHS, the following applies to a Lost/Damaged/Broken card.

Will the Community Management Fee (service charges) be increased on a regular basis?

The Community Management Fee is reviewed on a yearly basis and is subject to increase or decrease depending on the operating costs of the community. CMF charges are subject to change from year to year due to many factors such as the expiration of various warranties and the defective liabilities period, additional maintenance costs, and increase of tariffs from the regulatory authorities (FEWA, District Cooling Plants, etc.)

Is there any action against non-payers?

As a property owner, each owner will have signed a SPA (“Sales & Purchase Agreement”) when you purchased your property and is subject to a developer declaration. The declaration states all owners are legally obliged to pay Community Management Fee. Owners who continue to leave their Community Management Fees unpaid will have their property marked as a defaulting property and this may result in the following:

  • A late payment fee of 12% per annum (1% monthly) can be imposed against the defaulting property;
  • Limitations and restriction on selling a property; and
  • Legal action against the unit owner.
Is there a payment plan available?

If you wish to pay your Community Management Fee and require a payment plan, please contact the Community Manager to discuss payment options.

How often do have I to pay the Community Management Fee (service charge)?

The Community Management Fee (service charge) invoices are issued to all owners annually and owners must pay the invoice as per the due dates indicated on the invoice.

The Community Management Fee can be paid in advance based on a provisional manner. An updated statement of account can be requested from the Community Management team.

How is the Community Management Fee determined?

The Community Management Fee is determined on an annual basis by Al Hamra. This budgeting exercise is carried out based on a detailed estimate of the expenses required to operate the Community each year.

Why do I have to pay the Community Management Fee (service charge)?

It is essential that owners recognize their obligations in the interest of the property and wider community in settling all outstanding dues. Without collecting these monies, the buildings and the community will not have adequate funds to ensure continuation of critical services, utilities etc. and address its obligations.
If owners do not pay their service charge, the Community will run short of funds for maintenance and in time, may not be able to provide basic services such as paying for common area utilities (electricity and water), insurance, waste management, maintain critical systems, elevators, etc.

Does the Community Management Fee (service charge) cover utilities costs for inside my unit?

No. It only covers the utilities cost for common areas (i.e. Shared Facilities). A separate utility bill is sent for all utilities that are consumed inside the unit.