The Property Management arm of Al Hamra Community Management offers services that prioritize the convenience and peace of mind for residents, new movers, buyers and sellers.


1. Modification Requests:

Need to make changes to your property? Submit your modification requests on the resident’s portal for our review, and our team will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with community guidelines and standards. We understand the importance of personalizing your space, and our goal is to facilitate modifications that enhance your living experience. The idea behind a thorough review of your modification request is to understand that the desired modification doesn’t hamper the architecture, structure, design and safety of the buildings and residential areas and amenities in any way. Once the modification requests are approved, contractor access permits are to be applied for carrying out necessary works.

2. Property Inspection (Resale of Third-Party Units):

For third-party units within the community, our Property Management arm conducts thorough inspections for issuance of developer NOC in case of resale to ensure the sellers and the buyers adhere to the municipality and community rules. Our inspection process includes a detailed assessment of the property's condition, compliance with community regulations, and identification of any necessary maintenance or improvements.

This service not only maintains the overall aesthetic appeal of the community but also safeguards property values for all residents.

3. Issuance of NOC for Resale:

Looking to sell your property? Our team assists in the smooth issuance of No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for resale. We streamline the NOC application process, helping you navigate the necessary documentation and approvals required for a hassle-free resale experience. Our commitment is to facilitate the resale process efficiently, ensuring a quick and straightforward transition for both sellers and buyers.

4. Property Inspection Before Tenant Move-Out:

If you're a tenant moving out of an Al Hamra property, our pre-move-out property inspection service is designed to ensure a smooth transition. We conduct a comprehensive inspection, identifying any potential issues or maintenance needs that may need attention before you vacate the property. This proactive approach helps streamline the maintenance that you might need to undertake and the move-out and handover processes, allowing for a swift return of your security deposit.


We are dedicated to providing services that enhance the quality of living within our communities. For inquiries or to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our priority.