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Have questions? We’re here to help.

Can I install a split air conditioning unit in my villa?

To install the AC in the villas a modification request form has to be submitted to get the necessary approvals by sending the completed form and all documents to propertymanagement@alhamra.ae.  The air conditioning outdoor unit should not be visible from the common area.

Bayti villas are connected to DCP and therefore it is not allowed to install split units.

The AC unit is not cooling enough in my apartment, what do I need to do?

If after all maintenance, the existing air conditioning unit is not cooling your unit sufficiently, you can look into replacing the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) with a newer FCU.

To do this a modification request form has to be submitted to get the necessary approvals by sending the completed form and all documents to propertymanagement@alhamra.ae

Can I install a split air conditioning unit in my apartment?

Bab Al Bahr, Royal Breeze, Marina, Golf Apartments and Bayti villas are connected to a central cooling system. Installation of split air conditioning units, window units and are standalone air conditioning systems is not allowed within these developments.

Can I carry out minor works such as painting of the walls in my unit without a Modifications & Alterations application?

All modification requests have to be made even for minor works and the necessary permissions from the Property Management team by submitting the modification request to propertymanagement@alhamra.ae for review and approval so that the security and the Community Management Office are aware of the works happening.

Please ensure that all contractors and service providers only enter through the service gate.

May I erect any form of tent / canopy to cover my terrace/garden area?

This is considered as fit-out works and residents are requested to complete and submit the Modifications & Alteration form. The completed form must be emailed to propertymanagement@alhamra.ae for processing a Fit-out permit.


Any modification in the garden should be done 1.5 meters away from the boundary wall of the neighbors and the common area.

Can I install light decorations outside my home during festivals/holidays?

Yes. You may have decorative lights outside your home for a period of up to 20 days on either side of the festival/holiday, but nothing that creates a visible glare from outside the property.

Can I do anything I like to my back garden?

For any changes to your villa or back garden, you must first seek permission from the Property Management by writing at propertymanagement@alhamra.ae. All trees must be planted at least 1.5 metres away from villa boundary walls and Conocarpus lancifolius (Damas) trees are NOT permitted.

I want to use the garden area outside my unit just for myself. Can I do this?

No, the common property may not be used permanently by any individual.

Who is responsible for pruning trees in the community?

If the trees are common property, it is the responsibility of Al Hamra Landscaping Team.


However, if they are within your garden, you are responsible for their maintenance whether you are owner or tenant.

I’d like to renovate my kitchen. Do I need to seek approval first?

Yes. Please contact the property manager by emailing propertymanagement@alhamra.ae or logging your request on the portal by clicking here Any renovation works disturb the neighbors and could damage common property between two owners. The Community Management Team and Security should be aware of all works and workers in the community.